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  BTG Tower Defence by ryanritten 
I've always loved tower defence games. I started playing them back in the day of Warcraft 3. I enjoyed them because they were fun, challenging, and for some reason, highly addictive. The problem I found was that most tower defence games I played were missing some key features that would make them even more fun. Those missing features were : - The ability to compete against others in tournaments where prizes can be awarded to the top players. - Some sort of ranking system that allowed you to compare your skill against others. - The ability to watch other peoples replays of their games so that you can improve as a player. - New towers and other special ability's that can be used in game. - The ability to create your own tower defence maps and tournaments for others to play in. - The ability to turn on and off certain towers for each map for added challenge - Some sort of community where people can interact, become friends and play together. So, that's why I decided to make my own tower defence game. All the features above (and many others) have been added to BTGTD. Hopefully you'll find BTGTD fun, challenging, and slightly addictive (no one wants to be highly addicted to anything :) The version you'll find uploaded here is the stand-alone version. It only has 9 maps and no tournament structure. For the full game (it's all free) visit www.beatthegeek.com I hope you enjoy the game!

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